The right wing won the 2010 election, fair and square, the way elections are supposed to work. So why are they gaming the system, re-writing the time-honored rules of democracy to give their side an unfair advanatage? Their beloved Founding Fathers (top) must be spinning in their graves. The voter ID bill that's wending its way through Harrisburg -- which would disenfranchise thousands of legitimate voters to catch four or five cheaters, if that many -- is a disgrace:

Doug Hill, the association's executive director, said none of the counties has reported even a suspicion of significant voter fraud.

"It just doesn't happen the way supporters are claiming it does," said Hill.

State figures show that of the nearly six million people who voted in Pennsylvania in the 2008 presidential election, just four were convicted of voter fraud.

Near the end of the article, a high ranking public official, House Majority Mike Turzai, raises a red herring, statiing with no proof that ""We have reports of thousands of false voter registrations during every big election cycle." I doubt these numbers are true for Pennsylvania but more importantly, voter registration fraud -- that's typically when people who are getting paid to sign up new voters make some names up to get more cash for themselves -- has nothing to do with voter fraud, the problem this bill claims to address. Turzai is playing a dishonest game of bait and switch. If he can't produce "reports of false voter registrations," he's lying to the people of Pennsylvania and he needs to be censured.