It's true -- after a well-deserved vacation day today, I'll be joining David Petraeus on the unemployment line for three days, get re-hired for a day next Sunday, then get laid off again for three more days. Or, as some would call it, unpaid furlough. Where was Obama on this one? Banks got bailed out, newspapers got sold out.

So, while I'm gone chew these matters over:

1) The weird thing about Petraeus os that he's such a political Rohrchach test that makes everyone see what they want to see. Is it the downfall of a conservative icon, or the downfall of an Obama administration official? The only thing I know for sure is that what the conjoined Petraeus scandal/Benghazi issue WON'T do is a prompt an "adult conversation" about what we're doing in Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East and, since we're there, how can we do it better? Instead,, conservatives will salivate over this as a way to hurt Obama (it won't) while the Obama administration will try too hard to make it go away (they shouldn't), Regarding Benghazi, let Petraeus testify and tell the truth. America has nothing to fear.

2) Who won the 2012 election in one word? Science.

3) Occupy Wall Street isn't dead. While you were wasting your time watching the Eagles, those "urine soaked moochers" (not) are working their butts off trying to save Staten Island. God bless them.

4) Also, God bless America's veterans as we honor them this weekend. We should be in awe of their service and their sacrifices:

See you briefly on Sunday.