Whenever you see Spencer Hawes turn in the type performance such as the one he authored against Indiana – his 18-point, 16-rebound, eight-assist, seven-block effort was the finest single game by any Sixer this season – you understand why the Sixers were so anxious t pair this guy alongside Andrew Bynum.

Sure, Hawes has those nights when he's as invisible as any 7-foooter can possibly be – his scoreless, 0-for-9 shooting performance in a victory against Golden State earlier this month immediately comes to mind – but alongside Bynum and playing t power forward would make  performances like this far less frequent.

So, if "Plan A" doesn't work out for the Sixers, what is the best possible option at center?

The more I think about it, the more I tend to agree with the targeting of Utah soon-to-be-unrestricted free-agent Al Jefferson.

Jefferson is not going to give you what a healthy Bynum would/will. But Jefferson, whom the Sixers will see at the end of their upcoming West Coast road trip, would fit nicely alongside Hawes and Thaddeus Young on the Sixers frontline in 2013.

Jefferson, 6-10, 265, is averaging 17.4 points and 9.1 rebounds.  Also, he does a pretty decent job of getting to the line and converting when he's there.

On the downside, he doesn't get up and down the court very well and, in order to secure the unrestricted free-agent, it's probably going to require that the Sixers overpay him.

What would you do? Is there another free agent out there that you'd like for this team to pursue this summer? Do you still believe the Bynum plan should be given a chance? Or do you think they should wait until next summer to go after a name free agent?