This sure seems like one of those "only in Philly" moments, when a man finds himself in between some rock salt and a hard place.

According to police, last Thursday Daron Stinson, 21, robbed a 52-year-old man who was shoveling his sidewalk on Diamond Street near Sedgley Avenue in North Philadelphia around 3 p.m. He didn't hold him up for his wallet or his watch, he held him up for his rock salt, police said.

Stinson allegedly approached his victim while in a pick-up truck with another man. He repeatedly asked the victim how much he wanted for his rock salt and then he pulled out what the victim believed to be a black handgun and took the rock salt from the man, police said. Stinson then threw the rock salt in the bed of the truck and the pair sped off, police said.

About half an hour earlier, Stinson is also believed to have held up another man at gunpoint six blocks away on Diamond Street. Police said the victim in that case said Stinson pointed a handgun at him, said something he couldn't make out and then fled in a black truck.

Stingy Stinson and his unidentified cohort allegedly recorded both of these incidents like the rocket scientists they are and uploaded them to Instagram, police said. Stinson turned himself into Central Detectives Division early this morning and was charged with aggravated assault, robbery and related offenses.

Police said the gun used in the incidents was determined to be a black pellet gun.