Unlike the big to-do made of Donovan McNabb's contract restructuring last week, Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski doesn't think it's such a big deal.

"I think it's irrelevant, to tell you the truth," Jaworski said while sitting in his office at NFL Films last week in Mount Laurel.

Jaworski was participating as an instructor in last week's 3rd annual NFL Broadcast Boot Camp for present and former players looking to break into television and radio.

"Donovan had two years left on his contract. I felt all along that he would fulfill the two years. The Eagles probably did the right thing, they had money under the cap and they gave it to a guy who is a big key to season.

"If you're going to be a championship team, your team has to play well. There have been times, occasionally, that an average quarterback wins a Super Bowl. But it's all about what's your best chance to win a Super Bowl … Their best chance is with Donovan McNabb," Jaworski said.

As a former Eagles Pro Bowl quarterback, Jaworski can understand why it was important for McNabb's mental state to re-work his contract.

"I would think that they believe in me," Jaworski said. "They believe I'm the guy. They laid 5 million on my lap. They could have easily said to play the next two years how the contract is."

With a healthy – and happy – quarterback, Jaworski thinks that the Eagles offense will operate a little more smoothly this year. Aside from McNabb, the upgrades on the offensive line and at receiver can't hurt. But a lot depends on how the team's collective personality jells.

Jaworski knows that each new player brings a new dimension to the locker room.

"Although I think there have been upgrades in the talent and youth, chemistry is always the unknown," he noted. "You look at the offensive line and they are huge – but can those 5 work as one?"

In the end, Jaworski thinks that the Eagles will be standing at the top of the NFC East standings at the end of the upcoming season – despite changes abound to opponents' rosters.

"Although I think the Eagles are a better football team … [the division is] my biggest concern. The Giants are a heck of a football team. You're going to have to contend with Albert Haynesworth in Washington. Dallas is still a very talented football team. I think the NFC East is a hell of a division.

"I still like the Eagles."

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From the ex-Eagles file, Sean Considine has been penciled in as the starting strong safety for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"I wanted the opportunity to start when I first went in and talked to them," Considine told the Rockford Register Star in his hometown in Illinois. "They told me I would be given that chance, and the rest is up to me. Their defense is quite a bit different from what I'm used to, though. There are a lot of adjustments I still need to make."


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