The Eagles and Steelers are the latest NFL teams to catch lotto fever.

The two teams have partnered up with the Pennsylvania State Lottery commission on a $5 scratch-off game, which went on sale today.

The games that feature the teams are identical and have more than $15 million in total prizes apiece; the maximum win is $50,000. The odds of winning some sort of a prize in either game is 1-in-4.20.

According to the lottery, players have 12 chances to win on each ticket. When any of a player' numbers match any of the Eagles' numbers, win the prize shown under the matching number. Get a "football" (FOOTBL) ymbol, win the prize shown under it automatically. Get a "Goal" (GOAL) symbol, win 10 TIMES the prize shown under it automatically.

Losing lottery tickets may be sent in for a second-chance consideration, which includes everything from game tickets to sideline access.

The NFL amended its bylaws in the spring to allow teams to partner up with respective lotteries. The league also is part of a lawsuit with other sports leagues and the NCAA in a lawsuit attempting to block Delaware from gaining legalized sports betting.

-- Ed Barkowitz