Canadian audiences got a look at the highly anticipated Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side late last year, but with its American premiere at SXSW fast approaching, a sneak peek at Andre 3000 as the venerable guitarist have hit the web. Good thing, too, consider this one's been around seven years in the making.

The clip features 3000 as Hendrix talking business with Imogen Poots as Linda Keith and manager Chas Chandler, who is played by Andrew Buckley. The moment being dramatized, of course, is the seminal conversation that inspired Hendrix to make the move to London, where his career began to take off.

Prior to the clip dropping, the Outkast MC said he "listened to hours of interviews" to nail Hendrix's mannerisms and get a full understanding of his personality. To hear the lilting accent, see the way he plays with his hair like Hendrix, and deliver lines in that character, it's clear that he was serious about that research. Still, though, his performance likely won't appease the Hendrix estate.

Hendrix's estate, in fact, is so against the film that All Is By My Side won't actually feature and of the guitarist's songs, instead replacing them with tracks by Muddy Waters, the Beatles, and the Troggs. Given that snafu, 3000's performance had to be great.

Whether it is or not, you can judge for yourself below: