The Philadelphia native behind the lens for Bruce Springsteen's iconic, Haddonfield, NJ-shot Darkness on the Edge of Town album cover has a lot more pictures of The Boss besides the one we know and love, and he'll show a bunch off in an upcoming book this year.

Photographer Frank Stefanko, who was born in Philly and grew up in Camden, will release Further up the Road in November, giving Springsteen fans a selection of previously unreleased photos to ogle (or just keep on their coffee table). Released by publisher Wall of Sound, the book will be limited to 1,978 copies as a nod to the year Darkness was released.

And, bad news for collectors, they won't be cheap. As Rolling Stone reports, the first 350 copies will serve as a deluxe edition, and are priced at $630 each. The rest are a normal collector's edition, and will go for $380 per copy. All copies will come signed by Stefanko.

In addition to the Darkness cover, Stefanko also shot the cover for The River and the cover of Springsteen's recent memoir, Born to Run, both of which also were shot in Haddonfield. Springsteen explained the Darkness shoot in his book, writing the Stefanko shot the cover for the album in his own bedroom on Colonial Avenue in Haddonfield in 1978, where the photographer was living at the time.

"Frank's photographs were stark," Springsteen wrote of Stefanko's work in Born to Run. "His talent was he managed to strip away your celebrity, your artifice, and get to the raw of you. His photos had a purity and a street poetry to them. They were lovely and true, but they weren't slick…We had other cover options but they didn't have the hungriness of Frank's pictures."

Stefanko, meanwhile, explained shooting the Born to Run book cover, which features Springsteen lounging on the hood of a Corvette, more than a decade ago in his 2003 book, Days of Hope and Dreams.

"Bruce seemed to come to Haddonfield in a different vehicle each time," Stefanko wrote. "After his initial visit in that old Chevy pick-up truck, the next day, Sunday, he arrived in a slick '60 Corvette. I think that car was his pride and joy. It was loaded, it was sleek, it ruled Route 9 and the New Jersey Turnpike. I imagined what it would be like to be Bruce, cruising in that Vette up the Pike under that giant Exxon sign in the wee, wee hours, thinking up song ideas while listening to his favorite tunes in that bad-ass Corvette"

Both the Corvette and Stefanko's photo were presented alongside one another in 2012 at the National Constitution Center's "From Asbury Park to the Promised Land, the Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen" exhibit.

As reported that year, The Boss and Stefanko reportedly remain friendly after almost four decades since the Darkness photoshoot.