Poor Big Sean. The rapper's new album, Hall of Fame, featuring Kid Cudi, 2 Chainz, Nas and others, is due out Tuesday. It leaked a week early. But that's not the problem. A 7-minute track that got left off the CD, "Control", is getting all the attention.

Primarily because of an aggressively boastful verse from young Kendrick Lamar, in which the Compton-born MC claims to be "king of New York" while calling out a number of rappers – by name, including A$AP Rocky, Wale, Mac Miller, Drake and Jermaine Cole – to bring up their games.

The track has been driving the hip hop community crazy.

So earlier this week, Chocolate Droppa stepped up to frame a succinct response to Lamar's braggadocio.

Chocolate Who? You never heard of Chocolate Droppa? That's the rap alter ego of Philly's Kevin Hart. And we think it's a response. We're not really sure what he's getting at with "I got porta-potties in the dugout – first base!"

But we know it's aimed at Lamar. Take that!

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