An NBC weather truck touted as an exclusive to the network's Boston station resides in Philadelphia, and is not all that exclusive, according to a report. The StormRanger truck — that is also advertised as unique to Philadelphia as well — isn't actually here all the time, and is shared by other cities.

As New England One reports, at the beginning of the year, NBC Boston began broadcasting  promos for its StormRanger truck — a weather radar-affixed Dodge Ram truck that allows meteorologists to get storm readings from previously unreadable areas. Online, the station refers to Boston's StormRanger as an "exclusive" for the station — a description also used online by NBC 10, NBC Connecticut, NBC Washington, and others. NBC 10's website currently calls the truck "a one-of-a-kind vehicle."

Boston residents, however, have not yet seen the StormRanger, even though the area has been hit with three storms since Jan. 1. As industry blog FTV Live reports, Boston residents have not seen the truck since the network showed it in Boston's First Night Parade on New Year's Day.

Which probably is because the StormRanger is not an exclusive to NBC Boston or any other NBC outlet on the East Coast and has its home here in Philadelphia at NBC 10.

This could all be chalked up to grandiose marketing. In an August 2016 release, NBC said the StormRanger would be based in Philadelphia and would roam the Northeast corridor.

A second vehicle reportedly is located in Dallas at NBC Dallas-Fort Worth for use throughout the midwest, while another calls NBC Los Angeles home, and is shared with NBC San Diego and NBC Bay Area.

The StormRanger trucks apparently utilize different magnetic logos on its side, depending on what areas call for their use, a source tells NEO. And, what's more, larger stations — such as New York City's WNBC — get priority for the StormRanger's use, which may explain why Boston hasn't seen much of the vehicle.

Another possible factor: Mechanical issues, which New England One reports have kept the StormRanger in question out of commission due to repairs.