Saturday Night Live last weekend set its sights on White House counselor  Kellyanne Conway once again, this time using a Chicago-style parody to explain why the Atco native has showed seemingly unwavering support for President  Trump.

The skit aired before Conway's Sunday appearance on Meet the Press, in which she said White House press secretary Sean Spicer provided "alternative facts" while describing Inauguration Day crowds as the "largest ever" during a news conference.

The sketch begins with Kate McKinnon portraying Conway doing an appearance on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper. Tapper — the Old City and Main Line native is played by Beck Bennett — ultimately becomes frustrated with his guest, asking her what she gets out of making media appearances in support of President Trump.

"The name on everybody's lips is going to be, 'Conway,' " Conway sings, breaking into a Chicago-inspired tune, complete with a flapper dress and Bob Fosse-styled choreography. "Who says that lying's not an art? And when they Google just a 'K,' my name will come up before Kanye."

The number is a parody of "Roxie," a track from the 1975 Chicago musical that Renee Zellweger performed in the 2002 film adaption while wearing a dress similar to the one worn by McKinnon's Conway. The song explains the motivations of Roxie Hart, a fame-obsessed woman who kills her boyfriend after finding out he has no show business connections.

As the song alleges, Conway, who is "from some dumb blueberry farm," (Atco is known as "Blueberry Capital of the World") sees the news like  a "play," and is using her position as White House counselor to increase her public profile in a quest for fame. For Conway, SNL implies, the consequences of that quest are unimportant, so long as she is successful. After all, as Conway sings, "when the world goes up in flames, at least for now they know my name."

Carried off by a group of dancers, McKinnon's Conway also points out the previous allegiances don't matter, so long as she gets what she wants.

"Hey, know what's weird?" the Chicago-fied Conway says. "This time last year, I supported Ted Cruz. I said Donald Trump acted unpresidential. It's on tape. But hey, that's showbiz, kid."

Conway in the past has commended McKinnon for the actress' impression, writing on Twitter in October last year that McKinnon "has me down."

Conway has not yet responded to the latest sketch.