The Philadelphia area saw its first significant snowfall of the year on Thursday, and rather than make an on-air flub by getting pummeled by a  snow plow this year, Fox 29 reporter Steve Keeley did it the old-fashioned way: With his mouth.

On Thursday, Good Day Philadelphia host Mike Jerrick wore a bright pink sweater — a fashion choice that initially got viewers’ attention. Fans good-naturedly roasted Jerrick on Twitter over the sweater, comparing him to Helga Pataki from Hey, Arnold! or a bottle of Pepto-Bismol:

As Crossing Broad first reported, however, Keeley jumped in on the action with a joke the host deemed inappropriate during the program’s broadcast, coaching Jerrick to model the sweater using poses and actions that the reporter seemed to view as effeminate. Keeley said that he first learned the joke from “this kid I went to school with.”

“If a kid came to school in Camden wearing that sweater, he’d go up to the kid and … he’d say, ‘Put your left hand on your hip,’ ” Keeley said to Jerrick. “While your left hand is still there, try to touch your right shoulder with your knuckles on your other hand. Then, Tommy would say, ‘Hi, guy!’ ”
Jerrick played along for a while, but once he realized what Keeley seemed to be directing him to do, the host said “I don’t think this is appropriate” and opted “to be a teapot” instead.
“OK. OK, um, anyway, I’m sure I’ll think that’s funny later,” Keeley said to end the situation. Some viewers, however, disagreed:

A spokesperson at Fox has not yet responded to a request for comment about Keeley's comments.

This latest incident follows Jerrick’s suspension late last month for saying White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway is “good at bulls—.” After returning from his suspension, Jerrick told viewers that he likes to “take all of our subject matter right up to the line,” but admitted he went too far with his comment about Conway. Jerrick also asked weather anchor Sue Serio to flash viewers to get him out of trouble.

Keeley, meanwhile, was famously dusted by a snow plow while on-air during a snowstorm back in 2014. Simpler times: