I almost didn't notice, but we passed a milestone last week.  A whole year for this blog.  Some of you will be thrilled, others not so much.  I'm tickled pink, not to mention humbled, honored and golly gosh all around thrilled to have this here little salon going.
There are those who stop by often, and they are welcome friends.  There are others who stop by equally as often, usually to break the windows in our living room.  And there are those who come by on occasion, with wit and wisdom (and snark) to tell the homeowner where to get off.
That's fine with me.  To all of you who use this space as a forum to exchange ideas, you enrich my days.  To those who have a problem with my logic, my ideas or my preconceptions (which generally turn out to be correct, if I can pat myself on my own back) you are great fun, and can teach me something every once in a while.
And to those who only bring venom in vials to my living room, I won't call the censor police.  But remember, PA recognizes the castle doctrine...
Happy birthday, to us. And thanks.