Supporters have set up

for chef Eli Kulp, who was

in the derailment of

earlier this month.

Kulp, 37, of Fork and High Street on Market fame, suffered a "severe spinal cord injury" in the derailment, and has since entered a rehabilitation facility to correct his injuries. To that end, Kulp's GoFundMe is currently seeking $25,000 in donations.

At the time of Amtrak 188's derailment, Kulp reportedly was on his way home to see his family, and was sitting in the train's second car when it crashed, according to the GoFundMe page. As a result of the injuries sustained, the Kulp family has "a very long road ahead of them," financially and otherwise.

"That includes so much uncertainty, and continuing medical costs that will forever follow them," the GoFundMe page reads.

Kulp, for his part, is grateful for the support, having Tweeted a message of thanks to his supporters earlier this week:

At the time of posting, the GoFundMe page has raised slightly more than $2,000 to benefit Kulp's family.

Amtrak Train 188 derailed on May 12 in Port Richmond, injuring hundreds of passengers and killing eight. An investigation into the incident is currently in progress.