So we are back into the swing of things with the second episode of Legends of Tomorrow. And might I say, CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA MOFO'S cause this hype train is about to leave! All aboard while you still can! Okay, so where to begin...

If you have been paying attention to show than you know that whenever a new person does the introduction voiceover for the episode, its surely going to be heavy on that particular character. This episode so aptly titled "The Legion of Doom" has its intro voiced by Damien Dahrk, letting the viewers know that we are going to get this episode through the eyes of the villains here (Sweet!).

The episode starts where we left off last; torturing Rip and the Legends unsure of what to do next.  The Legion of Doom can be seen starting the scene bickering at one another quite literally at each other's throats. The room is obviously too big for their egos and there can seemingly be only one leader/alpha among them. Which at this point seems to be Reverse Flash since he constantly barks orders and flexes his speed muscles any chance he can get. Anyway, besides super villain posturing and displaying their importance to the team, Reverse Flash has to be off in a hurry, but not before he threatens Malcolm Merlin and Damien Dahrk that if he does not get any information about the whereabouts of the pieces to the Spear of Destiny, he is going to deal with the failed interrogator personally (Do threats even work against egotistical Sociopaths?) . With his zipping and zooming at every turn, it sparks a question in Merlin and Dahrk as to why he (Reverse Flash) is always disappearing on them. What's his purpose for the Spear of Destiny? They know each other's; one wants to change his past and reclaim his title and reign as Ra's Al Ghul (Merlin) and the other wants to change his future to one where he lives to conquer another day (Dahrk). But as of late, Reverse Flash is a wildcard when it comes to his motives...Well anyway, back to torturing Rip for any useful info and using him as a pawn for a scheme (more on this later).

Meanwhile back on the Wave Rider the Legends are bickering at one another as well (luckily they like each other). They are still unsure of what to do. Do they give up the amulet for Rip or do they keep it knowing it would risk Rip's life. Also, they themselves start to wonder why in the world a speedster would want to have the Spear of Destiny if speedsters are able to travel through time, and who is this new speedster? Amongst all the bickering, Dr. Stein suggests that there is a colleague in Central City in 2017 that may be able to help them with their troubles of uncovering more of the mystery's that are held in the amulet. Both Stein and Jackson (Jax for short) land in Central City and are in CC Jitters, the local coffee shop mainly designated to the world of The Flash. However, don't get your hopes up. The colleague that Stein had mentioned prior is not Cisco, Caitlyn, or Barry but none other than his daughter Lily Stein (And boy is Jax surprised).  After a couple awkward moments the three of them sit down to talk business about this "research" project Jax and Stein have been working on. And right in the middle of the coffee shop, Stein whips out the amulet for Lily to see (Yeah, not the brightest move), which with a response in kind Lily whips out a miniaturized ionic transmognifer (transponder? idk)  that picks up some low levels of Ionic radiation from the amulet (yeah it's over my head too but, SCIENCE!). After delivering a short wave ionic pulse, the amulet reacts opening up what looks like schematics in the middle of the coffee shop. In which then Dr. Stein urges both Jax and his daughter Lily (Also a Dr.) to close up shop and head back to the Wave Rider where Lily's mind is utterly blown by the technology of it all, along with her father's team (Also the team is tight that Stein never mentioned having a daughter. Not because he kept them out of his personal life but because she isn't supposed to exist....a human time aberration).

While that is going on with the Legends, the bad and boujee trio known as the Legion of Doom is scheming as always. Through their interrogation methods they find a tooth with an inscription on it that details information to a Swiss bank account in 2025. The Legion of Doom plots their course there while taking Rip as collateral and a pawn to their scheme. Once they arrive at the bank, let's just say methodology was not  agreed upon and things go astray. Cultivating in a failed first attempt in retrieving the information in the account and for Merlin and Dahrk to be sent back to the lair snarling and at each other throats yet again. A truce between the two is made finally after it is pointed out by the held hostage Rip Hunter that this is probably the ideal scenario that Reverse Flash (Thawne) wants.  So of course, what happens when two evils feel lesser than what seems to be a bigger threat? They team up! a plotted a plan to trap Thawne in the vault when they go back to grab the info.

As that is all unfolding for our love to hate villains, back on the Wave Rider news Lily, Atom, and Gideon were able to upload the information from the amulet to Gideon's mainframe. A celebratory moment ensues only to have a hiccup by a drunken Mick calling Lily a fake person (she's a human time aberration for those who didn't pay attention earlier). This in turns leads to a dramatic moment and conversation between the Stein family (Luckily, it ends well). The dust begins to settle after the Stein family conversation and the Legends all get together because Steel has come up with the theory that their mystery speedster (Thawne) needs the Spear of Destiny because in history he does not exist and wants it so that he may exist in history. After that revelation, Dr. Stein is able to support it by stating that there is one speedster that fits that description, Eoboard Thawne (future names are weird, am I right?).

Just as a revelation occurred for the Legends, the villains are enacting their plot. Round 2 at the Swiss bank goes much more smoothly as they (Merlin and Malcolm) decided to kill everyone in sight, giving them easy access to the vault. Inside the vault is a memory chip (like seriously) that contains the stored memories of Rip hunter.  And right on cue, as soon as Merlin and Dahrk grab the chip Thawne shows up.  Thawne seems happier this time around since his compatriots have done their job. He grabs the chip from them and as all evil villains do, begins to get into a brief monologue that is shortened by the beeping of his watch. Now, if you have paid attention, every time Thawne's watch beeps, he gets out of dodge in a hurry. This time however both Merlin and Dahrk were waiting for this perfect moment. As the beeping commenced, Merlin snuck behind Thawne and enclosed them all in the vault with nowhere to run. Thawne threatens to kill Merlin but Merlin laughs it off because he is the only person that knows the code to unlock the vault. Thawne begins to panic as the beeping intensifies and begins to plead to Merlin and Dahrk to let him free. Neither budge until an understanding of their partnership is established and that it is known that all three of them are equals in this Legion of Doom. Thawne, in desperation agrees but yet, they (Merlin & Dahrk) still do not move. They have two more questions they want revealed to them in order to make everything square. The questions they wanted answer by Thawne are "What is his purpose for the Spear of Destiny, and where does he run off to all the time?"

With the alarm on his watch beeping and an encroaching look of fear on his face growing bigger by the second, Thawne caves in and tells Merlin and Dahrk his purpose for the Spear of Destiny. He then follows it up by filing them both in on why he has been running off to God knows where every instance his watch beeps. It is because his watch is alerting him of a speed force entity. Now, as avid viewers you may be thinking that his watch is alerting him about a speed wreath. Yeah, WRONG! Thawne, with shivering fear in his voice says he's been trying to outrun something far more dangerous...He's been running from the Grim Reaper Speedster himself, the Black Flash!

If you want to learn more about last night's episode well, I suggest you watch it when you can and when you do, I'll pull into the station with my conductors hat on. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!