On this episode of Legends of Tomorrow we make two major trips up and down the timeline. First stop, the future!

We are introduced into this episode with a narration by Ray Palmer, which informs us he will have a major role to play. Fast forward a bit and we are in what seems to be a lab in which Dr. Midnight is operating. First off, how the heck did someone from the JSA make it into the future? Low and behold as Dr. Midnight is tinkering with some sort of device, Rip Hunter makes his entrance. The two begin to talk about the spear of destiny and Dr. Midnight has his suspicions about Rip which causes them to get into an altercation with Rip eventually killing the doctor and taking his piece of the spear, which was lodged in his body (Jesus that's hardcore). Before leaving, Rip takes a piece of future tech with him and is off to meet up with the Legion of Doom.

The Legends are just floating through the timeline when they get a hit on Lily's algorithm for finding a piece of the spear. It's a no brainer that it was the piece found in the future. The Legends depart for the future which raises the conversationalist spirit of Nathan Heyward who is much more a fan of history than the future but to his dismay it seems to get him in a "lovers" quarrel with Vixen. The Legends reach the future only to see Dr. Midnight murdered but with a blood outlined note saying who killed him. The Legends get back aboard the Wave Rider but not before Dr. Stein swipes one last piece of future tech for himself (I see some traits of the Legends are rubbing off on him). They get on board and begin to squabble about Rip and the issue of letting him go last time. They all get involved until Gideon (the one true peacekeeper) silences the Legends with new information about a piece of the spear. This time we are headed back into the past: To Britania in 507 A.D.

We are going to Camelot!

The Legends reach Camelot when they are suddenly ambushed by knights of the round table. Due to Ray's love for Arthurian lore and geekery of knights, the Legends are saved as he talks to the knights and their commander ... Guinevere. The Legends march back to Camelot with Guinevere and company and meet King Arthur. Arthur makes a remark that although they (the Legends) are welcome, it is a possibility they are working with the black knight. After some thought, Arthur wants a final decision by his most trusted mage Merlin. But when Merlin arrives and reveals himself, "he' is another member of the JSA, Star Girl.

Star Girl reveals that her and other members of the JSA were tasked on their last mission to hide pieces of the spear of destiny and were sent to different time periods to do so. Star Girl landed in Camelot and took up the alias of Merlin and well, the rest is history - or lore, I should say. Beyond learning about Merlin and Ray geeking over everything, the Legends also hear of a tale of the Black Knight that has been plaguing Camelot and Arthur's court. This knight, who's so skilled in battle is none other than Damian Dahrk.

Later on in the show, Dahrk along with Rip have taken control of King Arthur and some of his men using the future tech Rip grabbed from Dr. Midnight earlier.  With it, the Legion of Doom looks to wage war with Camelot in order to take the piece of the spear. Camelot gearing up, is short on forces as most of them have been taken over and now side with the Legion of Doom. In response to that, Ray gets his hero and geek on and joins the knights of the round table (something I always thought would be dope too) and fashions himself a glowing sword (can't call it a light saber because you know, copyrights). The Legends, reluctant at first, end up joining the fray and an immersive battle ensues. Each side giving it their all with the Legends finally taking advantage by overloading the technology used to take control of King Arthur's forces. And as all good hero shows and movies end, the good guys take the W. There were some close calls here and there but in the end the Legends won and took Rip back to the Wave Rider for questioning.

Now, before we board the hype train...actually, we will need a plane for this one. Once again, passengers this is your captain speaking. Please put all medieval armor and weaponry, and future tech underneath your seat and above in the overhead bins. We are preparing for takeoff into the next exciting episode of Legends of Tomorrow.