With their head coach's future employment status now an open topic of discussion in the media, the Eagles held a players-only meeting Wednesday. Wide receiver Jason Avant was the featured speaker, but he declined to reveal what was said.

Still, it wasn't hard to figure.

"We're not letting coach (Andy) Reid down now because he's not out there playing with us," offensive tackle Todd Herremans said. "We're letting all the other guys who are on the squad with us out there on the field down when we screw up. Everybody needs to take a little bit of accountability on themselves and tighten up their game."

Asked if players were hearing the outside criticism of Reid, Herremans said, "Players always hear that, whether or not they pay attention to it or listen to it."

And this team?

"It's hard to ignore when people are talking about how your head coach could be gone -- and we don't feel that way," Herremans said. "We don't want that to fall on us. We just need to tighten things up and take it upon ourselves and go out there and turn this around."

How is Reid handling it?

"Andy's the same," Herremans said. "Andy stays the same. We're an in-house group. He's positive."

Still, it really is all about how they play, not how well they meet.