Pennsylvania Treasurer and expected gubernatorial candidate Rob McCord backed Attorney General Kathleen Kane, his newly-elected fellow Democrat, in challenging GOP Gov. Tom Corbett's proposal to expand gambling by turning the state-owned lottery over to Canadian-owned, U.K.-based Camelot Global Services. 
"I commend the Attorney General for her independent review and subsequent rejection of the administration's attempt to expand gambling through the state contracting process," McCord said in a statement. 

"The administration was repeatedly warned, as early as last year, that the proposed contract would permit new forms of gambling not currently authorized by the Legislature and not regulated by the Gaming Control Board.
 "Expanding the Lottery is a policy decision that should include the General Assembly, not be done through a closed-door contracting process. Beyond the legal issues, this proposal also raised serious questions about how best to serve seniors efficiently with the programs that the Lottery pays for."