Trying something different today on MTC.

With the news earlier this week that the Eagles will switch to the kelly green uniforms for their Week 1 matchup against the Packers, many of you are undoubtedly thinking about making a purchase between now and September.

Buying a jersey in the year 2010 is no easy task. They're expensive. Teams change uniforms all the time. And players are constantly changing teams. On top of that, you need to find a jersey that fits your personality.

Luckily, MTC is the people's blog, and I am here to help.

Here are the 10 most buyable Eagles jerseys for men, based on a number of different factors.

The jersey rules are completely different for females so they are not addressed here, although I'm happy to provide a different list down the road.

Vote in the accompanying poll, and tell me how wrong I am in the comments below.

Note to the Eagles' marketing department: I'll expect my check some time next week.

1. DeSean Jackson

Why he's a good choice: He is without question the team's most exciting player and biggest offensive weapon. Jackson is coming off a year in which he totaled 1,167 yards and nine touchdowns, while averaging 18.5 yards per catch. At only 23 years old, he has several great years ahead of him.

Why he might not be: Jackson might be a little too flashy for some of you. Maybe you can't forget the mishap agianst the Cowboys during his rookie season. Or maybe you're worried about him only being signed through the 2011 season. Whatever the case may be, he's not the choice for everyone.

2. Kevin Kolb

Why he's a good choice: It's always popular to have the quarterback's jersey. He's the face of the franchise - the guy that touches the ball on every offensive snap, the guy who gets all the glory when the team is winning. Kolb is only 25, and the team is committed to him. Unlike the other guys on this list, he is less likely to trail off later in his career. In other words, if Kolb lives up to expectations, you could get great value from his jersey for the next decade or so.

Why he might not be: With only two starts under his belt, what if Kolb's career doesn't pan out? Perhaps more than any other player on the list, Kolb is a high-risk/high-reward choice.

3. Brent Celek

Why he's a good choice: Think he's too high? I'd disagree. Let's start with his performance on the field. Celek took his game to another level last season, breaking tackles and running over defenders en route to a 69-catch, 875-yard, 8-touchdown campaign. The range of wearability (like that term? I made it up) is high after he signed an eight-year deal last season. Off the field, Celek has become a prolific Tweeter with more than 3,000 followers. He answers your questions in 140 characters or less, holds contests and seems to be having a good time with the whole social media thing.

Why he might not be: Tough to find a good one here. Tight end isn't exactly a glamorous position, and Celek probably won't provide the excitement of someone like Jackson, but other than that, he's a very safe choice.

4. Trent Cole

Why he's a good choice: I'm not sure why Cole doesn't get more love in the jersey community. At 27 years old, he's proven to be one of the league's best defensive ends, totaling 35 sacks in the last three seasons. He's a well-rounded player, who's very good against the run also. Plus, there's never been any drama or distractions with Cole.

Why he might not be: If you're a small/skinny guy, Cole's jersey will not look right on your back. While he has a lot of good years left, Cole is still a little older than some of the others.

5. LeSean McCoy

Why he's a good choice: He has a firm grip on the running back of the future title and had a promising rookie campaign. At just 21 years old, McCoy is the youngest player on this list, meaning he should have several good seasons ahead of him. If you recently stashed away your No. 36 Brian Westbrook jersey, McCoy is the logical next purchase.

Why he might not be: We all know that running backs have short NFL careers, so the range of wearability for McCoy's jersey is probably shorter than the others on this list, even though he is so young. There's also the running back by committee problem. The Eagles signed Mike Bell in the offseason and will have Leonard Weaver to carry the ball as well. Plus, don't forget that McCoy changed his number to 25 this offseason. If he changes his mind again (which I think would be fairly unprecedented), you're left with a useless jersey.

6. Leonard Weaver

Why he's a good choice: A little under the radar? Yes. But Weaver is a Pro Bowl-caliber fullback, who the team recently extended through the 2012 season. This is Philadelphia. We like the tough guys who do their jobs and don't complain. Weaver fits the mold. I remember back in the day seeing a ridiculous amount of No. 34 Kevin Turner jerseys at the Vet. Maybe the same will be said for No. 43 this season.

Why he might not be: The casual fan might not appreciate Weaver's value. He won't touch the ball a lot, and he doesn't play a glamorous position. As I mentioned with Cole, if you're a small or skinny guy, you'll look silly in a Weaver jersey.

7. Jeremy Maclin

Why he's a good choice: Like Jackson, Maclin will be a regular pass-catching option for the Birds for years to come. He piled up 52 catches for 715 yards during his rookie season, despite missing a good chunk of training camp.

Why he might not be: If you want to go wide receiver, I'm not sure there's a good reason to go Maclin over Jackson, unless you think he has a higher ceiling.

8. Stewart Bradley

Why he's a good choice: This city still loves defense, and other than Cole, Bradley's probably the best option on that side of the ball. He has a high upside and could man the middle of this defense for years to come.

Why he might not be: A risky pick, given that he's coming off a knee injury and has just one year as a full-time starter under his belt. He's still working off his rookie contract, and while it would seem likely that the Eagles reward him for a quality 2010 season, Bradley's future is not nearly as secure as the others.

9. Jason Avant

Why he's a good choice: Calling all the fathers out there. Who's the player you want to tell your kids to imitate? Probably Avant. A good teammate, tough, a willing blocker. Forget the flashy, exciting guys. Fly under the radar with the guy who does all the little things well.

Why he might not be: It's conceivable that you could go to a game at the Linc with a No. 81 jersey and see Avant only touch the ball one or two times. Not the case with the other offensive players on the list.

10. Brandon Graham

Why he's a good choice: This is for those of you "jersey snobs." You know who you are. You have to have the jersey of the new guy, the one no one else is wearing. Graham has the pedigree as the Eagles traded up and spent a first-round pick on him a couple weeks ago. He's only 22, and if Graham lives up to expections, you should get great use out of your jersey for years to come. If not, just slap "TROTTER" across the back and tell people it's a throwback.

Why he might not be: What if Graham's a bust? With the other guys on the list, at the very worst, we expect slightly-above average seasons out of them for the next two or three years. But first-round picks flame out all the time. Graham might be the riskiest choice in the group.

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