There were no tears shed in Philly back in March when the Eagles dealt wide receiver Greg Lewis and a seventh-round pick to the Patriots for a fifth-rounder.

But is G-Lew primed for a big season in New England with Tom Brady?

Sports Illustrated's Peter King sure thinks so. In fact, he said in his Monday Morning Quarterback column that he's expecting 50 catches for Lewis:

The last time Brady had his hands on this team for a full season, the Patriots set an NFL record, scoring 36.8 points a game, two points a game more than any other team in history. They've had to replace 82 wide-receiver catches from that team, with Jabar Gaffney and Donte' Stallworth out, so Greg Lewis and the ancient Joey Galloway are in. I see Lewis, a reliable darter, catching 50 balls.

G-Lew catching 50 balls would qualify as shocking news around these parts.

His best season came in 2005 when Lewis had 48 catches for 561 yards. G-Lew had just 32 receptions in 2007 and 2008 combined.

I don't want to discount the impact Brady and Bill Belichick can have on a guy, but if Lewis has 50 catches this season, I will sport a Patriots cut-off hoodie and make it my photo in the upper right-hand corner of MTC.


I know this is an NFL blog, but I have to share some thoughts from my trip to Yankee Stadium to see the Phils on Saturday.

There's no question the stadium is nice. The scoreboard. The sight-lines. The concessions. Top-notch.

But here's my problem.

Part of the allure of seeing a Yankees game is the tradition. And they cram it down your throats at the new stadium, which is fine. But then during the game, they employ the gimmicks we see at other ballparks around the country -- the Flex Cam, the Noise-Meter, blaring YMCA in between innings. There was even a "Gotta go to Mo's" jingle in the ninth inning when the Yanks were in the middle of mounting their comeback.

I'm old school when it comes to baseball. I've been to the old Yankee Stadium, Fenway and Wrigley, and the best part was walking in and imagining a similar scene playing out 50 years earlier. It's Yankee Stadium. There's no need for all the gimmicks, people.

And a few other things:

** To the Yankees fans chanting "Fooool" when Raul Ibanez came up to the plate, you should be very proud. It only took three or four innings to come up with that gem.

** Ten dollars for a Bud Light? At least it was a souvenir cup, I guess.

** As Phillies fans, it's hard for us to criticize that place for not holding lazy fly balls in the park, but a broken-bat homer? Really?

OK, I think that's all my complaining for the day.


And lastly, thanks to all the country's veterans. During our Eagles chats, we've had service men join in from Iraq, and it's been one of the coolest parts of this job to hear from you.