Tony Dungy played a critical role in getting Michael Vick back into the NFL after he served prison time.

Today he shared his thoughts on Vick's recent judgment and its possible consequences.

During an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Dungy talked about Vick's decision-making.

"I have talked to Michael a few times, and again it becomes just an idea of decision-making and not putting yourself in harm's way," Dungy said. "He made some mistakes that he probably won't make again, hopefully. It was just not very good judgment and putting himself in a position where you're inviting the public to pay money and come to a birthday party, and you've got people there that you don't know who they are. You've got people that may be carrying weapons, people that are going to drink alcohol. And it's late at night. It's a recipe for failure."

Dungy said he first talked to Vick the day after the shooting incident. He said he has not heard if commissioner Roger Goodell plans to have a meeting with Vick or not.

"I think the bottom line is that he made some mistakes by being in the wrong place," Dungy said. "He left that place before anything really happened, but it could have been disastrous and may still be."

The Eagles have tried to make it clear that Vick was up-front with them and that none of the details that have surfaced since the incident have surprised them. Makes me wonder if Dungy was the one who told Vick he was best served to communicate with the team right away.

Dungy also talked about possible punishment from the league.

"Personally, I think that he didn't do a lot wrong legally," Dungy said. "Roger just has to look at their relationship and what his expectations were with Michael. If legally, you've got to stay aboveboard, then I think Michael did that. If you can't do anything that's going to put a bad face on the NFL, then I think Michael didn't do that."

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