When the Redskins make a decision on what to do with Albert Haynesworth, they'll have the Eagles in mind, according to a report.

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network recently wrote a detailed piece about Washington's plans once free agency and trades are allowed. Team sources tell La Canfora they can't see Haynesworth returning to the Redskins, and they say Mike Shanahan will likely take anything he can get for the defensive tackle in a trade.

But that's not all:

The Redskins are particularly concerned that if they release Haynesworth, he will sign with the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles and reunite with his former Tennessee Titans position coach, Jim Washburn.

It's an interesting distinction. If the Redskins have indeed decided they will not bring Haynesworth back, they have two options.

One is to just release him, which would be the easiest thing to do. But this option makes Haynesworth a free agent, meaning the Eagles would have as much of a shot at him as anyone else. Also, this would allow Haynesworth to choose where he plays next.

Or the Redskins can trade him, which is the more difficult option, but also the preferred one from Washington's perspective. Not only would they get something in return for Haynesworth, but the Redskins would dictate where he ends up, meaning they could restrict a team like the Eagles from even having a shot at him.

Of course, from the perspective of a potential suitor, trading for Haynesworth doesn't make sense if you think the Redskins are going to release him anyway. Plus, any team that trades for him will be on the hook for Haynesworth's contract. We'll find out if any franchise is willing to take on that risk.

One more thing: The notion that the Redskins don't want the Eagles to land Haynesworth indicates they still believe he can be an effective player. If they felt strongly that he's going to disrupt another team/locker room, they'd have no issue with Haynesworth playing for the Birds. In a distorted, roundabout way, it's almost an endorsement. Almost.

La Canfora's piece had some other good nuggets on Washington's plans. He expects them to be active in free agency and go after Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

Team sources also tell La Canfora they expect Shanahan to eventually be forced to release Donovan McNabb because trade options are limited.

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