Over the years, we've seen how rare it is for teams to get back to the playoffs in consecutive years.

While the accepted rule is that about 50 percent of the playoff teams will change every season, I took a look at the exact numbers over the lasat five years.

Since the 2004 postseason, 27 out of 60 (45 percent) teams have gotten back the following year.

In the NFC, that number is lower. Eleven of 30 teams (36.7 percent) have returned to the postseason. In the AFC, it's 16 out of 30 (53.3 percent).

The Eagles made the playoffs four times during that span. They were a playoff team in 2004 but did not return in 2005. They were a playoff team in 2006 but did not return in 2007. They were a playoff team in 2008 and did return in 2009.

So the question is: Will they get back in 2010?

Which brings us to some links and notes to round up.

* Mike Florio, writing for The Sporting News, names the six teams that are least likely to return to the playoffs in 2010. The Eagles are one of them:

When the Eagles made Kevin Kolb their first draft pick (at the top of round two) in 2007, they laid the foundation for April's decision to dump long-time starter Donovan McNabb. And while Philly has plenty of faith in Kolb, he'll soon be facing more scrutiny than he ever could have dreamed. The offensive line has plenty of question marks, and the defense regressed significantly in the first year of the Sean McDermott era. To succeed, the Eagles need to clamp down on opposing offenses and display patience when in possession of the ball. It won't be easy, especially in a division that includes the Cowboys, the Giants, and McNabb.

Got a press release last week about DeSean Jackson's football camp, which will be held at Moorestown Upper Elementary School this week. Per the release, Kevin Kolb, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin are among the teammates expected to attend.

* I've taken some heat for my post on Brent Celek last week so wanted to clarify my stance. I was not handing Celek the title of Best Tight End in Modern Eagles Franchise History. I was simply looking at the numbers and suggesting that if he reaches his potential and continues on the path he's on, he could certainly earn that title. I know he's only had one full season as a starter. But the title of the post was What is Celek's ceiling? And I stand by what I wrote - it's extremely high.

* ESPN.com names the 1960 Eagles as the best team in franchise history. The 2004, 1980 and 2002 teams received honorable mentions. Readers agreed, giving the 1960 team 42 percent of the vote. The '04 team received 35 percent.

* SI.com caught up with a couple ex-Eagles last week to get their take on league-wide issues. Jeremiah Trotter was asked about a potential 18-game season.

"As a businessman, when my guys work overtime, they want overtime money," Trotter said. "It really all comes down to the money. It has to increase significantly for that to be worth it."

And Hollis Thomas weighed in on the Albert Haynesworth situation.

"There are two sides to every story," Thomas said. "He was promised that he was going to play in the 4-3. Nose tackle in the 3-4 is not fun."

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