Cooking, like writing, is a means of self-expression. For the past 8 weeks the girls have expressed themselves not only through the preparation and sharing of food, but through the thoughtful comments that they have recorded in their blue books.

Today while the students whipped up a few of their favorite dishes - tortellini, soup, tuna patties, they also had time, along with all the bustle and talk to record some final thoughts :

"Cooking class means a lot. It's fun and we get to know new people." — Ailani Guererro Beato

"Ever since I came to this cooking class, I felt like I should always try to cook. Every time I come here I feel happy. I feel like I should start cooking more often at home." —Priscilla Tun

" This week we made a delicious meal. I learned so much from this cooking class. I made a lot of new friends and I hope I can keep those friends." — Luissany Torres Sanchez

" I feel very delighted because cooking class was wonderful!" —Rachel Veslasquez

"I really like this cooking class-I never want it to end, my friends, teachers, everything. I can be myself in cooking class…. I loved this activity because I met new people that are nice. We're friends and we're happy."  —Tavyanna Sovann