Update 4: A limerick from Brett Mandel:

There once was a supe named Ackerman

Who pissed off her mayoral backer-man

Now she's on unemployment

To no one's enjoyment

But great fun for her attacker-man.

Update 3: Oh my god Jared Brey weighs in on Twitter with an Ackerman limerick:

A million for leaving's a perk

Ackerman said with a smirk

But now that I'm gone

She said with a yawn

I can get paid not to work.

Update 2: Ackerman Haiku Contest!

Put your Ackerman haikus down in comments. Best one makes it into the Daily News tomorrow.

Update: More haikus.

Wait. Didn't we pay

Ackerman to go away?


Good thing the schools are

swimming in money. Or else

this would be tasteless.


Josh Cornfield reports that Arlene Ackerman, she of the million-dollar buy-out, is seeking unemployment benefits.

We've decided to deal with this by just writing haikus about it. Here are four.

Ackerman applies

for unemployment. But it's

still about the kids!

School District's too cheap.

A million dollar buy-out

just wasn't enough.

Occupy Arlene!

99 percent of us

have a little shame.

Let's all Imagine

2014. We'll still be

paying Ackerman.