Alex Rodriguez's troubles aren't over yet, they're just in a quieter phase. Prior to his hearings, MLB is trying to interview the Yankees third baseman or whatever he is at this point, not under oath. Just a friendly social thing.

Ha, ha, ha; what did you think, Alex? That we were trying to entrap you or something? Ha, ha. Ridiculous. Can't a league threaten a player with 'ramifications' if he is not honest with them in an off the record conversation without people freaking out anymore?

Rodriguez smelled something he didn't like, however, and will not be showing up at the scheduled meeting. Though it must have been hard to smell anything with the flu.

Source: A-Rod has informed MLB that he will be unable to meet with its officials in NY tomorrow. He is ill.

Baseball writers showed the normal amount of pity that A-Rod has received in recent months.

arod, who tells us he's "fighting for his life," calls in sick with the flu. #sniffles