It sounds crazy, and that's because it absolutely is, but Eliot Shorr-Parks of has made a case for the Sixers to sign LeBron James after the upcoming season.

Of course, LeBron might not (probably won't) leave Miami. After all, he is currently, at the very least, six championships shy of the promise he made to the fans of South Beach a few years ago.

If LeBron were to opt out of his deal though, would he consider signing in Philadelphia?

Shorr-Parks took the time to break down the long list of things that would likely have to happen for James to end up in Philadelphia.

It all starts with a checklist of what potential landing spots might look like for King James, and why the 76ers could be high on his list of destinations.

Here is Shorr-Parks' checklist:

1) Ability to sign another top-notch free agent
2) Supporting cast
3) Money
4) Coaching
5) Franchise Stability/History
6) City
7) Facilities

The Sixers will reportedly have the highest amount of cap space, $41 million, once this season ends. That is a full $7 million higher than the Charlotte Bobcats who come in behind them.

Offering LeBron a megadeal wouldn't be the problem. It's everything else that needs to happen that is the problem. Including beating out the Lakers and Cavaliers, who Shorr-Parks believes would be high on James' list of destinations and also have money to spend.

James choosing to opt out of his deal is the first step. Then a lot of hypotheticals would have to fall into place. Still, he is telling you there's a chance.

Here are a few excerpts from Shorr-Parks' article:

The Sixers will have Nerlens Noel, Michael Carter-Williams, likely a top-five pick, and potentially another lottery pick from a loaded 2014 Draft Class for a combined $15 million. Sure, they have to pan out as players. If they do tho, the Sixers can offer LeBron a top-notch defensive center, a 6-6 play making point guard, and one or two of the top prospects in a "can't miss" draft. All just beginning their career.

As for coaching and franchise stability, the Sixers actually have a very attractive combination at head coach and general manager. Sam Hinkie is well respected around the league and is a forward thinking general manager. Brett Brown served under Gregg Popovich for years, a coach LeBron greatly respects. The one question mark is the ownership, as Joshua Harris doesn't exactly give off the impression that he lives and dies with the Sixers.

If LeBron still has the Sixers on his list at this point, the rest might fall into place. Philadelphia is a great sports town, far better than Los Angeles or Miami. The Sixers would sell out every game with LeBron, and with the Phillies/Flyers on the downfall, might battle the Eagles for No. 1 in the city.

The full piece is definitely worth reading, especially for the eternal optimists out there.