There is an outside shot that Raul Ibanez returns to the Phillies line-up tomorrow night, when the Pirates arrive at Citizens Bank Park for the last series before the All-Star Break.

Ibanez is scheduled to play extensively tonight at Triple-A Lehigh Valley. The Phillies are hopeful that he'll play the entire game. Charlie Manuel said he hopes that Ibanez will play at least two games this weekend, though he did not rule out the possibility of a Friday return.

"I'd like to see him play two, possibly," Manuel said. "We'll wait till he plays tonight and see what happens. I'll talk to him tomorrow and see where he's at and we'll kind of go from there. But I would like to see him get in a couple games."


Candela Deportiva, which I am not completely familiar with, but who broke the signing of Wily Mo Pena signing with the Mets earlier this year, is reporting that the Phillies and Pedro Martinez have agree to a $4 million contract.

I'm trying to follow up on this so stay tuned.

Here is the story.