As most of the conscious world is aware, Tony La Russa faulted the phone system in Arlington last night for a miscommunication about which relievers were supposed to be warming up in the later stages of Game 5.

The story may have brought back memories of the night the Phillies slinched the National League East with a victory over the Cardinals. That night, La Russa said the phone to the bullpen in the visitor's dugout was not working.

The Phillies, La Russa said, ultimately rectified the situation by providing walkie-talkies.

Personally, I'm not sure why baseball managers are the last people on Earth who are still using land lines to communicate.

Regardless, my favorite Tony La Russa bullpen phone dust-up was in 1994, when his appearance in a Wendy's commercial created a mini-controversey. La Russa, see, was a vegetarian, and the product he was pitching was a grilled chicken sandwich covered in three slices of bacon. After fellow vegetarians bombarded him with complaints, La Russa apologized, blaming everything on a miscommunication with Wendy's. La Russa said he thought he was pitching vegetarian products. Dave Thomas was not happy.