Butch Patrick regularly hears from fans who've had a crush on him since the '60s, when he played Eddie Munster on "The Munsters." "But not from a lot of cheerleaders," Patrick said, with a chuckle.

The actor just moved near West Chester to be with former Eagles cheerleader Donna McCall, who was a young "Munsters" fan with whom he corresponded in 1964. McCall, a retired hospital pharmacist, e-mailed Patrick a few months ago to say that something had triggered her memory of him. Patrick, who lived in Florida and Los Angeles, kept in touch with McCall, and the pair met in May at a vampire convention near Pittsburgh.

It was love at first bite, er, sight.

Patrick, who says he's always embraced the character of Eddie Munster but has done more acting, too, has just booked with 13Haunts.com to appear at the company's Halloween-themed fright events in the area throughout September and October.

Patrick also maintains a presence on Munsters.com.

McCall was known as Donna Auerbach while an Eagles cheerleader from 1976 to 1979.