Bentley, a Great Dane that lives in Throop, Pennsylvania, may be the world's biggest dog, says owner Bob Magliocchi.

The 5-year-old dog is 38 inches tall from paw to shoulder and weighs 228 pounds. He eats about 30 pounds of dog food a week, with human food and treats as well, Magliocchi told WNEP-TV.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the tallest dog ever was Great Dane from Michigan named Zeus. At 44 inches from paw to withers, Zeus passed away late last year at the age of five. Zeus set the record in 2011.

The Magliocchi family is in the process of applying to have Bentley documented in the record books as the tallest living dog in the world.

One reader, Susan Anderson, shared that the Great Dane is coincidentally the Pennsylvania State Dog. It is said that William Penn brought his Great Danes to P.A. from England.