As they say, "any port in a storm," but most ports don't house giant diseased colons, books bound in human skin, or preserved fetuses. Luckily, though, former stray cat Vera appears not to have been put off by the Mütter Museum's particular taste in home décor. Or, at least judging by the litter of kittens she birthed and raised outside of the museum for much of the harsh winter we've endured, anyway.

Staff members first noticed Vera hanging around the museum's Medical Garden earlier in the winter and quickly adopted her as the Mütter's unofficial mascot. The kittens she eventually had, though, came as a surprise when one staffer found Vera curled up in a corner with her new litter.

Unfortunately, only two kittens survived the most recent round of snow we saw, prompting the staff to get Vera and her remaining litter into a more appropriate home. Which, of course, is why earlier this week, Mütter staffers turned the kittens in to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, where they remain up for adoption.

The Mütter blog breaks the situation down:

"Their amazing staff instantly fell in love and began treatment on our little Mütter feline family. There, we learned that the white kitten is female and the gray one is male, and that they are perfectly healthy. Who wouldn't want one (or both!) of these precious creatures in their family?"

Momma Vera, for her part, has already been adopted by a staff member, while the kittens are all documented and tested. Until a proper home comes along, you can head here to vote for the kittens' names.

My vote? "Bones" and "Brain," which the contest explains as "ya know, white bones and gray brains."