Inquirer staff writer Bonnie L. Cook reports:

The group gathered around the TV in the foyer of the Mercer Museum in Doylestown watched quietly and solemnly as the new president gave his inaugural address.

When Obama said said that the challenges are great, but "they will be met," museum volunteer Richard Duvall, 68, said, "Very strong speech."

At the end of the address, Duvall, a resident of Doylestown Township, commented, "His voice got stronger and stronger, and his words were fantastic. He's got a plan, and I think he's going to run with it."

Another watcher, Gayle Shupack, 38, marketing public relations coordinator for the museum, interjected,  "But can he follow through?"

Asked if the speech had inspired her, Shupack replied, "Yes, he's a great speaker." But she still had concerns. "I listen to a lot of talk radio, and I worry: is he even going to be given a chance? Conservatives are already griping at the cost of the inauguration."

Molly Lowell, 68, executive vice-president of the Bucks County Historical Society, responded: "He can't do it alone. Everyone has a responsibility to put all the pettiness aside for reform at all levels of government."

Lowell described Obama's speech as "very thoughtful. He covered a lot of ground. He really spoke to everyone. Everyone has to take responsibility to better the country."

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