The Affordable Care Act prevents insurance companies from refusing to cover you or charge you more because you have a "pre-existing condition." Until Obamacare went on the books, you could be denied coverage for pregnancy — a pre-existing condition.

Think about that for a moment. In 2010 the United States finally enacted a law to make sure that millions more women would receive pre-natal care and delivery services and millions of babies would be born benefitting from that care. Well, blink again and its 2017 and Congress is poised to repeal the ACA. Yes, a replacement has been promised. But what will it be, who will it cover, and when will we know the answers to those questions?

Here are some questions we can answer. Does prenatal care benefit mothers and babies? Yes. Do people running for office love to kiss babies? Yes. Is it better to make sure babies are born healthy or to kiss them after they arrive in a political photo op? Wait. Don't answer that. Instead, ask your federal elected officials what they think the answer should be. Better yet, tell them what you think.

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