While Toronto's biggest rapper, Drake, may not have much love for Philadelphia or its hip-hop artists, the opinion of Canada's largest daily newspaper appears to be a different story.

In fact, in the Toronto Star's estimation, Philadelphia "might just turn out to be cooler than New York City." So writes Star scribe Emma Yardley in a travel piece published Thursday to the newspaper's website:

What I discovered is an understated, historically rich city quietly going through a youth-driven cultural revolution that could propel it to the top of hip, urban U.S.-destination lists. Yes, I'm going to say it: Philadelphia might just turn out to be cooler than New York City.

In the writeup, Yardley details a recent trip to our fine city, complete with all the usual elements such as our arts culture, with a blurb on the the Philadelphia Museum of Art:

The city has more than 53 art museums and galleries, but the Philadelphia Museum of Art … is the most visited, and not just because its steps are famous, thanks to actor Sylvester Stallone's training regimen as Rocky.

Or Philly's vibrant youth culture:

With astronomical property prices and a seemingly impenetrable job market in places such as New York and Washington, D.C., grads are sticking around and finding work in Philly instead.

Or our ever-growing food scene:

Sure, you can still get a great cheesesteak in Philly, but you can also get a great organic beet salad.

Or how the city is steeped in history:

History is never far away in Philly. High Street [on Market] sits right next to the oldest post office in the U.S. and is around the corner from the Liberty Bell itself.

The Toronto Star's coverage of Philadelphia continues the recent run of write-ups painting the city as a destination spot. Last month, travel guide publisher Lonely Planet ranked Philly the best place to visit in the US. Following that ranking, the city was placed 10th in the US for quality of life by Mercer, and our public transit system was ranked 9th overall by SmartAsset.

This, however, is not the first time one of the city's publications took notice of Philadelphia. In 2013, Toronto Sun writer Lori Knowles wrote that Philly is best thought of as a "mini Washington, DC" that has "perfect family travel fare that's easily digested."

Thanks, Toronto — you're not so bad yourself.

This post has been updated to reflect that the original article appeared in the Toronto Star.