This afternoon, Jimmy Kempski hosted his weekly Eagles chat. Here's a look at some of the best - and most frequently asked - questions from you, the readers.

Wouldn't it really be best for the future of the franchise to follow the 76ers strategy and lose a lot of games and get a top pick and draft Bridgewater or one of the other QB's coming out this year? -- Ken B

Kempski: That doesn't work in the NFL. You have 53 players risking body harm in football. Tanking doesn't fly.

Is it worth tanking the season if the skins and giants have terrible ones themselves? They will end up with top draft picks while we might get a couple of wins more ( maybe ) and loose out on possibly a top defensive player. -- London Eagles

Kempski: Nobody is tanking the season. Period. Also, the Washington team doesn't have their 1st round pick.

What positions need to be addressed in next years draft and free agency? -- Guest

Kempski: In no particular order: Offense: QB, WR, TE, OT, OG. Defense: NT, OLB, ILB, CB, S. Yeah, so pretty much everything but DE. In other words, just get good players.

Seems like riley is te playing wr. Why stick with him? -- beijingjake

Kempski: A lot of people are asking that. The Eagles like his ability as a blocker, and to Riley's credit, he does provide a matchup advantage as a blocker in the run game. But if the defense takes away DeSean, Cooper and Avant just aren't going to scare anyone in the passing game. The Eagles could really use a 2nd legitimate threat at receiver to keep defenses honest against DeSean. That's where Riley is a liability.

Two bad teams playing this week, but unfortunately I think the Giants will win it at home. What do you think? -- Ken B

Kempski: Vegas thinks so too. Giants are 2.5 favorites. I don't see it. The Giants have been wretched this season. They've done nothing well. Offense... bad. Defense... bad. Special teams... bad. At least the Eagles have an offense that can move the ball, even if it hasn't led to big numbers on the scoreboard. I like the Eagles in this one.

If Eagles lose to 0-4 they finally bench Vick? -- Billy

Kempski: If Vick throws 4 picks and looks horrible, then yes, I think that question will be valid. But if they score 35 and lose? No.

Jimmy - What are your 3 Keys to the game vs. the Gmen? -- EaglesRedZone

Kempski: Hmmm... I hadn't turned my attention to the Giants just yet, but ... 1) Stop Victor Cruz. He's the only guy playing well for the Giants right now. 2) Gash them with the run. Giants are 5th worst in the NFL against the run. 3) No major special teams mistakes. The Eagles are the more talented team. Don't give them easy turnovers on STs.

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