Where do the Sixers stand in the Eastern Conference?

What have the playoff told the Sixers brass about what is next?

We asked general manager Ed Stefanski and team president Rod Thorn.

STEFANSKI:I think it tells us were not far away from the better teams. We know we need to get bigger and more physical inside. I honestly feel our perimeter is real good. We like what we have but we know we have to add to it. We have a high-character team and with the coach we have we can get a lot out of them. But we have to add more people that are big and physical.

THORN: I think after playing Miami I had tremendous respect for that team. Arguably they always have the two best players on the court, then (Chris) Bosh is somewhere in the top 25 players in the league. They have a triumvirate that nobody else has. They have to have one of their role players play their role in a game, but after playing them they're very good defensively, particularly when(LeBron) James and (Dwyane) Wade are playing well on defense. They close out so quickly, they are one of the best in the league, have tremendous firepower. You can make the case that we were every bit as competitive as the Celtics against them. Chicago hasn't dominated the playoffs, but their best player (Derrick Rose) has.

Read much more from our Q&A with Stefanski and Thorn in tomorrow's Daily News. 

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