Just in: Steve Morrison, the comedian half of the top-rated 'Preston & Steve' morning show on WMMR, passed out during the show.

Preston Eliot called to say his longtime on-air partner was conscious when paramedics took him to the hospital.

Eliot said that about 10:15 a.m., they were wrapping up a segment about a contest when Morrison, 48, looked across the board at him: "He looked like he was stifling a cough and he raised his index finger like he was saying, `Hang on.' Then he stumbled back and I didn't see him anymore. He went down with a thud." Sidekicks Casey Boy and Nick rushed to Morrison's side. He was out for several seconds and had a 'strawberry"-type mark on the back of his head, Elliot said.

Elliot reacted with the S-bomb but had the presence of mind to hit the "dump" button. All listeners heard was, "Oh, s-," followed by Casey saying, "He's breathing... Call 911." A production element kicked in, followed by dead air, a five-minute commercial break, and a four-minute song. By then, Morrison had come around but did not remember the previous segment or passing out, Elliot said.

Morrison, who had been fighting a cold with a bad cough, had told Elliot that he had not eaten breakfast.