Todd Carmichael, the globetrotting co-owner of La Colombe coffee and husband of singer Lauren Hart, is on a quest to be the first America to walk across Antarctica to the South Pole, solo. Check out my story about him just before he left Gladwyne.

Thanksgiving's blog entry reads:

"Thanksgiving day started out very promisingly and Todd had visions of an absolutely huge day. But complete whiteout and fields of sastrugi made forward progress akin to 'fighting your way through a junkyard that is 20 miles long…blindfolded.'

"Todd was still able to scratch and claw his way forward for another remarkable total of 17.5 nautical miles. In the last two days he has narrowed the gap between his position and the record pace by six miles. But 17+ mile days will have to be the norm from here on out if he is to seriously approach the record."