And thatch the way it goes:

The Fishtown tiki bar The Yachtsman recently sailed off into the sunset, and the owners of The Franklin (112 S. 18th St.) decided to turn their upstairs room into a tiki bar.

General manager Jason Elliott, backed by Brian Maxwell, got his hands on Polynesian-ish carvings, multicolor lights, glasses, bowls, and all sorts of other South Seas kitsch to outfit the place. Plenty of thatch and bamboo, too.

Friday, May 26 is opening night; hours are 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. for now. Weekend afternoons are planned.

Menu is here.

It's a mix of classic tiki drinks, riffs on classics, and originals.

Elliott calls tiki "part cocktail and part theatrics," so many drinks come with elaborate garnishes and fog effects made with dry ice. 

Check my GIF of the large-format drink known as Legends of the Hidden Temple ($24), a rum-based drink for two. The bowl is set in a larger bowl lined with dry ice. Hot water is poured over, and the fog show begins.

There's dim lighting, booth and bar seating, and a playlist mixing exotica, surf rock, and other island-inspired music.

> Also on the downtown tiki scene is the cleverly named Tiki at 102 S. 13th St. in Washington Square West, which has a roof deck.