Winnie and Bob Clowry are venturing next door from their Winnie's Le Bus in Manayunk - into the space that was Bella Trattoria - to open a barbecue restaurant this winter called Smokin' John's (4258 Main St.).

Namesake John O'Brien is their chef at Winnie's Le Bus, and he says he'll be smoking fruit wood in a Cookshack smoker. (In fact, he has some pork going right now in a borrowed smoker for this weekend's Manayunk Streat Festival.)

O'Brien's complement of 'cue - ribs, rotisserie chicken, brisket, salmon - does not hew to a particular region. He will use a dry rub and offer sauce on the side.

Winnie Clowry says the space will be set up like Fishtown's Fette Sau: choose your food at the counter, get it weighed, pay, and eat it in a communal seating.

They'll sell craft beer (including growlers).

Why BBQ? "If I had a nickel for everyone who asked us for barbecue, I'd be rich," Winnie Clowry said.