Culinary Fight Club, a chef's competition that tours nationally, is coming to Philadelphia on Monday, May 7, and the theme is blended burgers.

(The Mushroom Council is a sponsor, so each burger, to be blended with Bo Jackson's Angus Burger Patties, must contain at least 25 percent mushrooms.)

The event, which benefits the food-insecurity charity Fight2Feed, will run from 6 to 9 p.m. at Uptown Beer Garden at BNY Mellon Center. Access, which includes food and one beer, is $25.

It works like most other competitions: Contestants (from home cooks to executive chefs) run to their pantry and choose from 15 provided ingredients. Contestants then have 60 minutes to create a dish. The audience and judges vote and decide on a winning dish.

The judges' choice winner gets $300 and the attendees' winner gets $100. Both winners move on to the national competition in Chicago on Aug. 19-20.

Chefs are still being considered, but act now. There isn't mushroom. Application is here.