Vegan chef/author Matthew Kenney's office tells me that he has signed a lease for a Philadelphia restaurant.

Put down your forks, folks.

The target date is fall 2019, and the location will need an appointment with a wrecking ball and a new building erected in its place.

It's at 2146 Catharine St. on the corner of 22nd Street, across from Ultimo Coffee in Southwest Center City. The building now sports a huge "Philly the Bern" mural painted during the 2016 presidential campaign. 

Kenney's rep says the company has not zeroed in on a concept, though the vegan pizzeria Double Zero is on the table and has its own Philly-centric website.

Kenney's restaurant collection includes more than a dozen spots in a variety of genres, including Japanese (Arata) and Mexican (Bar Verde).

Double Zero, whose flagship is in New York's East Village, uses a wood-burning oven and serves small plates featuring tree-nut cheeses, plant-based desserts, and organic and sustainable wines from Europe.