In the olden days — maybe a year or two ago — sushi rolls such as maki were tubular.

They looked, well, like rolls.

But in this era in which conformity and sameness translate as "no social-media shares," our favorite rolled fish and rice combos are taking on new shapes.

Bubblefish, the fine bubble tea/Japanese eatery in Chinatown, offers a sushi burger, which has sushi rice acting as the bun and chopped tuna (bound with spicy mayo) as the patty; it's topped with spicy snow crab, avocado, fried onions, sauces, and seaweed.

Another new twist is the sushi donut at Kai, the snug sushi bar on 10th Street near Market. The sushi chefs start by creating a ring of sushi rice filled with spicy tuna. They then layer sliced salmon and tuna on it and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.

It's a hole new world out there, for sure.

Sushi donut ($6) at Kai, 12 S. 10th St.,  267-928-4505.