This week's edition of Monday Night Raw left me conflicted.

It left me conflicted because enough occurred on the program would that left me feeling very positive about the product.

At the same time, there were just as many things that left me with negative feelings about the product.

I guess I wouldn't grade the show positive or negative. I would just call it … I don't even know. Average? Yeah, let's go with average.

Before I go any further, here are the full match results from the show, which emanated from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans:

- Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose ends in a double count-out

- Titus O'Neil def. Stardust

- The Usos def. The New Day

- The Wyatt Family def. The Social Outcasts via disqualification

- WWE United States championship – Kalisto def. Alberto Del Rio

Brock Lesnar returns to destroy everyone

To the surprise of no one, Brock Lesnar returned Monday night and laid waste to nearly every member of the WWE roster during a confusing main event.

Why was Lesnar so angry? Well, mostly because he's Lesnar and he's got a naturally angry disposition, but also because he entered the Royal Rumble when he really didn't want to.

Lesnar wanted to have the winner of the Royal Rumble face him for the WWE World Heavyweight title at WrestleMania. So he sent his advocate Paul Heyman to negotiate the terms with Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

The McMahons bucked the idea, meaning that Lesnar is now officially in the 2016 Royal Rumble.

Lesnar expressing his frustration was one of the high points of the show, as everyone loves seeing him destroy people. It seems as though that we can't get enough of it.

Lesnar beat up everyone, including Roman Reigns, to put everyone in WWE on notice that he's gunning for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

However, the main event itself was kind of weird. Vince McMahon said at the beginning of the show that he was going to put Reigns in what he called a "One versus all" match, which is a play on the slogan Reigns wears on his merchandise.

Obviously this was a fancy way of saying that he was going to face a lot of people in a handicap match. When Vince and Stephanie McMahon came out for the match, they didn't bring all of WWE with them. Instead, they brought all of the heels, which I guess counts for something.

But when the bell rang, it was only Kevin Owens going against Reigns, and that's pretty much what this "One versus all" match was. It was merely Reigns versus Owens. That didn't make much sense.

What also didn't make sense was that none of Reigns' supposed family came out to help him even the odds. I understand that the heels were merely fodder for Lesnar, but it only makes Reigns' supposed brothers — The Usos and Dean Ambrose — look bad when they can't help their buddy on a show that they already wrestled on.

Lesnar could have thrown around Ambrose and The Usos, too, so I don't understand the reason for their absence. The worst part is that this isn't the first time that this has happened.

Kalisto wins the United States title

In a bit of a surprise, Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio Monday to become the United States champion. It is Kalisto's first title since debuting on the main roster in 2015.

For all of the negatives — most of which are deserved — I point out about WWE, this is actually something it got right.

Firstly, it made sense. It made sense because Kalisto pinned Del Rio on Smackdown last week, which should make him the No. 1 contender for the title, so I was glad to see there was actually some logic and continuity used here, both of which are lost sometimes in WWE.

Secondly, it helped make a new star in Kalisto. WWE's injured list resembles Chris Jericho's list of 1,004 holds with all of the big names that are on it at the moment, a list that includes Kalisto's tag team partner Sin Cara. And it couldn't come at a worse time, as WWE is building toward its biggest WrestleMania to date.

WWE is — and has been for a long time — in desperate need of elevating and creating more credible talent. Kalisto winning the United States title instantly gives him some credibility as a singles competitor.

Does he feel a lot like Rey Mysterio? Yes, but it worked for Mysterio. People bought into Mysterio and it turned into money for WWE. They'll buy into Kalisto as well as long as WWE maintains his momentum.

That's a different story.

WWE knows how to make a guy look good for one night, but it always seems to find a way to squander all of the momentum. Hopefully, that doesn't happen with Kalisto.

Becky Lynch-Charlotte story coming along nicely

For the first time in a long, we actually have a quality storyline to enjoy involving the divas.

What we usually get with the divas are two very unlikeable women that hate each other for silly reasons, which makes the product resemble Love and Hip Hop instead of professional wrestling/sports entertainment.

What we have now with Becky Lynch and Charlotte is a clear-cut, easy-to-follow storyline that pits a clearly defined heel in Charlotte against a clearly defined babyface in Lynch.

The result is quality television instead of the mess where we have when two people that no one likes go against each other.

After narrowly defeating Lynch on Smackdown, Charlotte was scheduled to go against Brie Bella on Raw. But just as she got into the ring, Lynch came from out of nowhere and attacked her.

After Lynch and Charlotte scrapped for a little bit, a pair of WWE officials hauled Lynch off backstage. Ric Flair then got on the microphone with his sport coat already in hand, slammed it down in the ring and declared that Charlotte was no condition to wrestle Bella.

As soon as he said that, Charlotte began to limp around and say that her leg hurt. Flair then yelled at the official to get his sport coat, walked off with a suddenly gimpy Charlotte and the match never happened. Oh, and Flair called someone fat.

This was well done, but it got even better when Lynch cut a promo backstage. Lynch showed emotion and fire rarely seen in WWE today and she actually came across as a real person, not just someone reciting lines from a script.

This the best promo I've ever seen her cut and it only added to an already quality feud between her and Charlotte.

It took a while, but WWE may have finally, finally gotten its act together when it comes to the divas.

Social Outcasts fend off The Wyatt Family

Last week, I said I had no idea what to make of the Social Outcasts.

Then, they called out The Wyatt Family. What? Yeah, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel and Adam Rose challenged The Wyatt Family to a fight, and they didn't get destroyed.

Yeah, they technically lost because Ryback interfered on their behalf, but it was almost as if WWE actually trying to protect them for some reason.

But I'm not too sure about anything when it comes to The Social Outcasts. I still don't know what to make of any of this. However, I'm still intrigued.

Chris Jericho broke Xavier Woods' trombone

In an act of treachery the likes no one has ever seen in wrestling, Chris Jericho broke Xavier Woods' trombone Monday night.

I mean, how could he do this? I used to love Jericho. I used to hang on his every word, but now? I don't know anymore. When he broke Woods' trombone, he might as well had broken my heart right along with it.

Woods was crushed. I felt bad for him. He looked like Cain when Harold died in Menace II Society. It was tragic. Woods even put out a bounty on Jericho.

Okay, it's not nearly that serious, but in all seriousness, fans really liked the trombone. I know I did, so to see Jericho break really was kind of a bummer.

My only hope is that Woods comes back next week with something bigger and even more annoying. That would make my heart whole again.