Grand Valley State University—a college just west of Grand Rapids, Michicgan—had to remove a pendulum statue and put it in storage after students were getting naked and riding it like Miley Cyrus. I think your #YOLO joke goes *here*.

The steel ball, which hangs from a cable and resembles a wrecking ball, was installed in 1995. For years students had swung on it, but recently several students climbed on the ball naked, mimicking Miley Cyrus' video for "Wrecking Ball."

At least one student posted a Vine video of his nude tribute to Cyrus.

Tim Thimmesch, the associate vice president of facilities services at GVSU said the sculpture was removed so structural integrity could be examined. "We've been reviewing this over the last couple of weeks, trying to decide whether we really need to look at structural integrity of the installation," said Thimmesch. "We decided to have the ball removed and put into storage for now."

Students have been protesting the removal of the statue, using "#Reinstalltheball" and "#GVSUWreckingBall" on Twitter and gathering outside the school's Padnos Hall to chant "Wrecking Ball!" on Tuesday night.

Ah, to be young and in love with the idea of mocking the establishment by getting naked and riding a statue like a pop star who's trying to be edgy at all costs. Just think of all the poor teddy bears who have been exploited in the name of her "art." [WZZM, h/t Gawker]