The past week or two, Philly's seen a bit of dip in nighttime temperatures, which might have prompted you to break out the sweaters or swing through Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte. Or, maybe you've been opted for a pumpkin scone instead of your usual blueberry or indulged in a pint or two of Southern Tier's Pumking while watching the Eagles lay turds in South Philly.

It might seem like pumpkin spice is a little more... everywhere, this year. The folks at Official Comedy (they're the geniuses behind the Breaking Bad/"Ignition (Remix)" video) imagined a world where the motivation for pumpkin flavored everything is much more sinister than you can imagine.


Check out their trailer for Pumpkin Spice, the festive film that will haunt your dreams with delicious flavors this fall.