After seeing the consequences addiction brought on his family growing up due to his father's drug problem, Kevin Hart generally isn't one to advocate for drug use.

That is, unless it's with rapper Snoop Dogg, as the Philly-born comedian told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Monday night.

"I want to be able to say to my kids, 'Don't do drugs. But if you do do it, do it with Snoop,' " Hart said. "That's the thing, right? Quality."

After filming 2004's Soul Plane with Snoop, Hart can give that advice firsthand, seeing as he "smoked with Snoop" and was "high for three weeks" afterward, as Hart said on The Late Show on Monday. Hart starred as airline owner Nashawn Wade in the comedy alongside Snoop, who played Captain Mack, the pilot of the soul plane referenced in the title.

Hart told Colbert that he joined Snoop to smoke some pot at some point during filming, where he learned that "you shouldn't smoke over a certain amount."

"There is a point with Snoop where you just had to go, 'What are we trying to get to? What's the end game? When does it stop?' " Hart said. "I was like, at this point, maybe you should find something else, because this — I don't think this is the high you're looking for, man."

"People are dead. Everybody else is dead," Hart added. "At this point, you're talking to yourself."

Hart didn't get into how much marijuana the pair actually smoked. However, Snoop famously claimed in a Reddit AMA back in 2012 to smoke 81 blunts — marijuana rolled up in a cigar wrapper — a day. That's about five blunts an hour for 16 hours.

Assuming, conservatively, that each blunt contains one gram of weed, that's almost three ounces of the stuff a day. So, it's safe to assume Snoop is trying to get as high as he possibly can.

But however much Snoop smokes, Hart, who is admittedly "not a drug guy" due to "what my dad did and the consequences of it," couldn't pass up the chance to blaze with the rapper. After all, as Hart told Colbert on Monday, the opportunity was "a legendary moment."

Unfortunately, though, it doesn't sound like Hart will be burning one down with Snoop again anytime soon.

"If I saw Snoop over there, and he's like, 'Come smoke with your uncle,' I'm going to say I have asthma," Hart said. "I'm going to do something. I'm not going over there. I did it once, and it didn't end well."

Colbert ended the interview with a little advice for Hart, telling him, "Don't ever get on Willie Nelson's tour bus." Good advice, considering that Snoop earlier this year said that Nelson is the only mortal being to have smoked him "under the table."

"There is a rotation that's going around like a track meet," Snoop told Vibe in January. "Then all of a sudden, somebody passes you the baton and you're like 'I'm [going to] stand over here while y'all run that [expletive] out.'"

Hart's book, I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons, comes out Tuesday. The comedian will be in town at the Parkway Central Library on Wednesday to promote the book with a photo-op.

The Late Show's episode on Monday was particularly Philadelphia-centric. In addition to Hart's appearance, Philly-based indie rock band The War on Drugs performed "Holding On," the new single from the upcoming album A Deeper Understanding, which comes out Aug. 25: