Treatment Research Institute, a Philadelphia nonprofit founded in 1992 by A. Thomas McLellan to improve substance abuse disorder policies and programs, has became part of Public Health Management Corp., PHMC said Tuesday.

PHMC, another tax-exempt organization based in Philadelphia, said that Treatment Research Institute has become part of PHMC's Research & Evaluation Group, which engages in community-based research and program evaluation designed to develop best practices in public health and education.

"TRI merging into PHMC creates great opportunity for the development of research and scientific-based programs that treat substance-use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues, a topic of critical importance in light of today's opioid epidemic," said PHMC president and chief executive Richard J. Cohen.

TRI had $7.3 million in revenue and employed 70 in 2015, according to its most recent tax return.

PHMC, which has a pending deal to acquire Wordsworth Academy, had about $230 million in revenue in the year ended June 30.