When Flo Ryan and her husband were house hunting in 1992, looking at listings online was not an option. Instead, she first saw her future Woodbury home in a book of advertisements.

"I saw the pictures, and I just fell in love with it," she said.

She and a friend stopped for a preview and were immediately taken by the extra wide, double-dutch front door.

"The running joke for the past 26 years is that we bought it because of the door," Ryan said.

Ken Stager

The door boasts mechanisms original to the home, which was built in 1917. Ryan said the door isn't the only exterior element of the home that she loved. The five-bedroom twin also has a large, wraparound porch.

"We have spent so many wonderful evenings sitting on the front porch by our table fire with our family," she said.

Inside, Ryan said the dining room also has played a large part in 26 years of the family's life.

"Our home has been perfect for entertaining," she said. "We have hosted events for ourselves and our friends and family at their request."

Ryan said the large dining room has seen birthdays, graduations, rehearsal dinners, baby showers and holidays. "We have celebrated so many special occasions," she said.

Ken Stager

The 2,000-square-foot home also has some original detailing, such as hardwood floors, woodwork, and gas lighting fixtures on the third floor.

"I've always referred to my home as where the old meets the new," Ryan said. "It's the perfect blend."

She also said the Woodbury neighborhood was the perfect place to settle down.

"I have found that there are generations of families here, many people who grew up and decided to stay and begin their own family here," she said.

Ken Stager

The architecture also appealed to her. "My neighborhood is filled with beautiful, historic homes, something I absolutely love," she said.

Ryan said the family has recently decided to list the home for sale.

"It is now time to plan for the next chapter of our lives, joining family who have moved to a location with a warmer year-round climate," she said. "I wish I could pack the house up and take it with me."

Ken Stager